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Fitness Challenge Signup Form Template

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Launching a fitness challenge and need an effective way to register participants? The Fitness Challenge Signup Form Template by WPForms is your go-to solution!

How Does the Fitness Challenge Signup Form Template Work?

The Fitness Challenge Signup Form Template requires the WPForms Basic License as it features various Fancy Fields to ensure a seamless registration process. Fields include:

  • Participant Details:
    • Name: Records the full name of the participant.
    • Date of Birth: Ensures the participant meets the age requirements.
    • Gender: Collects gender information for grouping or statistical purposes.
    • Fitness Level: Helps categorize participants by their fitness stage (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
    • Shirt Size: Essential for issuing event merchandise like custom t-shirts.
    • Email: For sending event updates and communication.
    • Phone: Direct contact number for last-minute updates or issues.
    • Address: Where to send any physical event materials or information.
  • Emergency Information:
    • Medical Conditions: Captures any health considerations to ensure participant safety.
    • Emergency Contact Name: Who to contact in case of an emergency during the event.
    • Emergency Contact Phone: Direct line to the emergency contact.
  • Consent & Authorization:
    • Terms and Conditions: For participants to agree to the challenge’s rules.
    • Registration Fee: The amount due for completing the registration process.
    • Credit Card Payment: Integrates with Stripe for secure payment processing.

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