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Employee Complaint Form Template

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The Employee Complaint Form Template by WPForms is designed to let employees register complaints against their colleagues securely and easily. By integrating this form into your internal website, you can ensure your employees can share their issues comfortably.

How Does the Employee Complaint Form Template Work?

We’ll break down the key components of this form to help you understand the different form fields.

  • Basic details: The form asks the employees to provide details like their full names and email addresses. And they need to specify their department from a dropdown menu. Also, they can input their manager’s name and email.
  • Complaint: This section lets employees provide details about the complaint by selecting the incident date using the date picker. Moreover, there are paragraph fields where employees can share details about the issues they are facing and also suggest the actions required to resolve those issues.
  • Confirmation: In this section, employees have to confirm their declaration by ticking the checkbox and have to provide their digital signature. These details ensure accountability and transparency regarding the complaint made. There is another helpful field that allows employees to opt for submitting a copy of the complaint to their managers.

Benefits of The Employee Complaint Form Template

  • Transparent reporting: Through this form, your employees can report issues confidentially and securely.
  • Timely resolution: By gathering all the essential details regarding the complaints, you can take action accordingly to resolve them.
  • Healthy workspace: By allowing employees to express their concerns, you can create an environment of trust within your workspace.

So, why wait to start using this form? Sign up with WPForms today and access this form template to streamline the complaint reporting process within your organization.