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Dissertation Submission Form Template

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Dissertation Content
A brief summary of the dissertation, outlining the research question, methodology, main findings, and conclusions.
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The Dissertation Submission Form Template by WPForms is designed for administrators, educational institutes, and faculty members who want to simplify the process of dissertation submissions.

How Does the Dissertation Submission Form Template Work?

The Dissertation Submission Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Post Submission Addion to gather essential information and dissertation content through an efficient system. Fields include:

  • Student Information:
    • Full Name: Collects the student’s complete name for proper identification.
    • Student ID: A unique identifier for the student within the educational institution.
    • Program: Specifies the academic program to which the student belongs.
    • Email Address: Essential for communication regarding submission confirmations.
    • Phone Number: Allows for direct contact if immediate clarification.
  • Dissertation Details:
    • Dissertation Title: The title of the student’s dissertation
    • Featured Image: An option for students to upload an image.
    • Dissertation Content: A field for submitting the entire dissertation text.
    • Abstract: A summary of the dissertation for a snapshot of the research’s purpose.
    • Primary Supervisor: The name of the faculty supervising the dissertation.
    • Email: Contact email of the primary supervisor for online communication.
    • Phone: Phone number of the primary supervisor for direct communication.
  • Certification:
    • Declaration: A statement confirming the dissertation is the student’s original work.
    • Signature and Date: A digital signature field to validate the submission’s authenticity.

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