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Cultural Festival Volunteer Form Template

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The Cultural Festival Volunteer Form Template by WPForms is a valuable tool for festival organizers looking to gather volunteer information effectively.

How Does the Cultural Festival Volunteer Form Template Work?

The Cultural Festival Volunteer Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to collect detailed information about potential volunteers.

  • Personal Information:
    • Full Name: Captures the volunteer’s name.
    • Date of Birth: Records the volunteer’s birth date.
    • Email Address: For sending further correspondence.
    • Phone Number: Contact number for immediate communication.
    • Residential Address: The volunteer’s home address.
  • Volunteer Preferences:
    • Days Available: Days the volunteer is free to help.
    • Times Available: Times during the day, the volunteer is available.
    • Preferred Volunteer Role: The role the volunteer prefers to undertake.
    • Skills and Experience: Relevant skills or experience the volunteer has.
    • T-Shirt Size: Size for volunteer apparel.
    • Languages Spoken: Languages the volunteer can speak.
  • Emergency Contact Information:
    • Emergency Contact Name: Name of the person to contact in an emergency.
    • Relationship: The emergency contact’s relationship to the volunteer.
    • Email Address: Contact email for the emergency contact.
    • Phone Number: Direct contact number for the emergency contact.
  • Consent and Authorization:
    • Consent Checkbox: Ensures the volunteer agrees to the terms and conditions.
    • Signature and Date: Formal sign-off by the volunteer.

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