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CPM Calculator Form Template

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If you’re an aspiring advertiser or marketer who wants to build an email list, the CPM Calculator Form Template by WPForms is the template for you. It accurately analyzes the set price with the potential reach to understand the cost of advertising.

How Does the CPM Calculator Form Template Work?

The CPM Calculator Form Template is a great tool for professionals in the advertising and marketing sectors who want to get more customers through the door. It requires the WPForms Pro license and the Calculations Addon. Fields include:

  • Total Cost: The heart of every campaign lies in its budget. By entering details like the cost of a campaign, advertisers can keep a close tab on their expenditures. This user-defined data is a baseline for calculating the Cost Per Mille (CPM).
  • Total Views: Understanding the reach of a campaign is essential. By noting down the total impressions garnered from a campaign, marketers filling out your form can evaluate the campaign’s overall reach and effectiveness.
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM): Based on the Total Cost and Total Views, this field provides a clear picture of the cost of a thousand impressions, assisting businesses in optimizing their advertising budgets and assessing the value derived from each dollar spent.
  • Email Address:  By capturing the user’s email address, our template allows you to build your email list for sharing future marketing collateral and other initiatives.

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