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ConvertKit Donation Form Template

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Launching a new initiative and looking for an easy solution for accepting donations? The ConvertKit Donation Form Template by WPForms is your best bet!

How Does the ConvertKit Donation Form Template Work?

This template is designed for ease of use and efficiency. To get the most out of it, you’ll need the WPForms Plus license and the ConvertKit Addon. Here is a list of fields that are included in the template, along with their brief descriptions.

  • Name: Here, you’ll gather the donor’s full name, which is crucial for record-keeping and personalization of your acknowledgments.
  • Email: This field is essential for sending receipts and updates about how their donations are making an impact.
  • Phone: While optional, having a phone number can be useful for more personal communications or urgent updates.
  • Donation Type: A dropdown menu allows donors to choose how they wish to contribute – be it a one-time gift or recurring donation.
  • Donation Amount: Donors can specify the amount they wish to contribute, offering flexibility and control over their donation.
  • Permission to Acknowledge Donation Publicly: This checkbox lets donors decide if they want to be publicly acknowledged or prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Total Amount: Before proceeding to payment, this field reconfirms the amount the donor has chosen to give.
  • Stripe Credit Card: For a smooth transaction, donors enter their credit card details here. The Stripe integration ensures the secure processing of payments.

Integration with ConvertKit

Whether you’re a non-profit, a charity, an entrepreneur, or a blogger, this template is tailored to help you attract donors effortlessly. It simplifies the donation process, allowing you to focus on your mission.

After the donation is processed, ConvertKit’s integration facilitates personalized communication with donors. You can segment donors based on their donation types and amounts, enabling targeted outreach and building stronger relationships.

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The ConvertKit Donation Form Template is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their donation process. It’s easy to set up, user-friendly, and compliant with the latest online transaction standards. Get it now!