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Are you looking for an easy way to collect award nominations? The Community Award nomination form by WPForms is a quick and easy way for members of your community to nominate someone for the award. You can embed the form on your WordPress site and begin collecting nominations right away.

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What Goes on a Community Award Nomination Form Template?

Whether your organization calls it a Community Award, service award, or something else, a community award recognizes those who have served their communities in some significant way. Therefore, when you’re creating a nomination form for the award, it’s important to collect details about how the nominee has had an impact on the community.

After providing the nominee’s contact information, the person doing the nominating must then add details about other organizations to which the nominee belongs. This could be something like serving on the school’s PTA board, being a member of the local Rotary club, or volunteering regularly with the local library.

Knowing the kinds of organizations the nominee is in can help the selection committee, those responsible for choosing a winner, get a better idea of each candidate and the ways they contribute to the community.

Finally, the nomination form asks the user why they believe their nominee should win the award. The field allows up to 200 words for them to detail their response.

The Community Award nomination form template can be used for community service recognition, club awards, or any other recognition award you want to give. All of our form templates are 100% customizable with our drag-and-drop form builder. You can customize the form to suit your organization’s or community’s needs.

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