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Coaching Intake Form Template

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Do you need to gather essential information before starting a coaching relationship? If so, then you should check out the Coaching Intake Form Template from WPForms.

This form template serves as a tool for you to collect relevant details about a potential coaching client’s background, goals, challenges, and preferences.

Using the Coaching Intake Form Template

A Coaching Intake Form is a document used to gather essential information from clients before starting a coaching relationship. It usually includes a series of questions and fields for the client to complete, which provides the coach with valuable insights to better understand the client’s needs and tailor a coaching approach accordingly.

On our Coaching Intake Form Template, the form user begins by entering their name, occupation, email, phone, and address.

Then, the form provides four large text boxes for a series of descriptive answers from the potential coaching client. The first text box asks for the form user’s reason for seeking coaching. The next box on the form is for the user to describe their desired outcomes or goals for coaching.

Next, the form user describes any previous experience with coaching. And finally, the Coaching Intake Form asks the user to list any relevant medical conditions or allergies.

This form can help you establish a solid foundation for your coaching relationship, and it assists in designing a customized coaching plan that aligns with the client’s needs and aspirations. This template is ready for you to use right away, but we encourage you to edit this form depending on your coaching style, niche, and your client’s particular circumstances.

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