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Classroom Observation Form Template

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The Classroom Observation Form Template by WPForms helps maintain and uplift the quality of education provided in every class and subject.

How Does the Classroom Observation Form Template Work?

Designed to assist educational leaders, peer educators, and external auditors, our form helps empower academic institutions to drive excellence. It offers numerous sections to capture the nuances of classroom dynamics and instructional methods of a teacher.

  • Observing Staff: Beginning with the Observing Staff section, the form captures the identity of the observer, emphasizing their role and contact information. This ensures transparency in the process and lays a foundation for future clarifications.
  • Classroom Information: By logging details about the instructor, the number of students in class, and the specific curriculum in question, this section acts as a snapshot of the classroom’s academic and demographic profile.
  • Observational Details: This section helps record the logistical specifics of the observation. From the exact start and end times to the very nature of the observation, it allows for an understanding of the context in which the evaluation occurred.
  • Observational Notes: This section focuses on the intricacies of lesson delivery, classroom atmosphere, instructional methods used, and the overall engagement and responsiveness of the students. It’s here that the true nature of the classroom unfolds.
  • Overall Assessment: The form concludes by providing overall rating and final remarks fields. With the WPForms Pro license, the Signature Addon brings further authenticity to the feedback, sealing the observation with the observer’s endorsement.

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