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Classified Ads Feedback Form Template

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Permission to Contact for Follow-up

The Classified Ads Feedback Form Template is an essential tool designed to gather valuable feedback from users who interact with classified advertisements.

How Does the Classified Ads Feedback Form Template Work?

This straightforward form ensures that businesses or individuals can easily collect and understand user experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the fields included in the template:

  • Full Name: The user’s full name, providing a personal touch to the feedback.
  • Email Address: Contact email of the user, essential for follow-up communication if needed.
  • Phone: A phone number for potential direct contact, offering an alternative communication channel.
  • Date of Ad Interaction: The specific date when the user interacted with the ad, helping to link the feedback to a particular time frame.
  • Type of Ad: A dropdown menu allowing users to categorize the ad they interacted with, such as ‘For Sale’, ‘Services’, ‘Jobs’, etc.
  • Feedback Category: Another dropdown menu where users can specify the nature of their feedback, such as ‘User Experience’, ‘Ad Content’, ‘Technical Issues’, etc.
  • Your Feedback: A text field for users to express their thoughts, experiences, or suggestions in detail.
  • Would you recommend our classified ads to others?: A simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response to gauge the overall satisfaction and likelihood of users recommending the service.
  • Permission to Contact for Follow-Up: A checkbox where users can opt-in or out of being contacted for additional information or clarification, respecting their preference for further communication.

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