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Cheer Camp Registration Form Template

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Camper Details

Full Name

Contact Information

Parent/Guardian Name (if under 18)

Cheer Camp Information

Have you been to cheer camp before?
Please check if you have experience in:
e.g. motions, cheers, chants
Medical Consent

Are you planning a cheer camp for your school, organization, or community? Our Cheer Camp Registration Form Template is your ticket to an exhilarating cheerleading experience.

Using the Cheer Camp Registration Form Template

Here’s a breakdown of all of the fields and benefits that come with using this registration form:

  • Camper Details: This form kicks things off by capturing crucial camper information including their full name, birthdate, and gender. Our customizable dropdown menu ensures a smooth selection of options, making registration a breeze.
  • Contact Information: Stay connected with participants! Potential campers enter their parent/guardian details (if under 18), contact email address, phone number, and address. Safety is a top priority, so you’ll also gather emergency contact information for peace of mind, too.
  • Cheer Camp Information: Next, this form asks campers to indicate if they’ve attended cheer camp before and tick off their cheerleading skills from stunting to dance. Do they have any special requests or dietary restrictions? We’ve got you covered with space for additional notes.
  • Medical Consent: Since participant well-being is crucial, we’ve included a medical consent section for emergency treatment during camp activities. Users simply check the box to give their consent, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Simplify your registration process, prioritize safety, and gear up for a cheer-tastic experience like no other! Get the Cheer Camp Registration Form Template by signing up with WPForms today.