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Career Coaching Inquiry Form Template

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Whether your clients are seasoned professionals navigating a career transition or recent graduates charting their path, investing in career coaching can be a game-changer.

So, if you’d like to offer this service directly from your website, you need the Career Coaching Inquiry Form Template.

How Does the Career Coaching Inquiry Form Template Work?

This form template utilizes the Lead Forms addon, which means that users can progress through the fields one screen at a time. Here’s how it works:

  • Personal Information: The first screens start by gathering essential details to personalize the coaching experience. Users enter their name, email address, and contact number. These details lay the foundation for effective communication and tailored coaching sessions.
  • Current Status and Preferences: Next, users indicate their current employment status from a dropdown menu. Whether they’re employed, unemployed, self-employed, a student, retired, or fall into another category, you can cater to their unique needs. Additionally, potential clients specify their preferred mode of coaching, choosing from options like in-person, virtual, telephone calls, or expressing other preferences.
  • Financial Considerations: Users then share their budget using a number slider, ensuring that your coaching services align with their financial goals and expectations.
  • Career Goals and Objectives: On the next screen potential clients dive deeper into their aspirations by outlining career goals and objectives. Whether they’re aiming for a promotion, career change, or seeking greater fulfillment in their current role, ample space is provided to articulate their ambitions with clarity.
  • Challenges and Concerns: Next, your user identifies areas of concern or challenges they’re facing in their career journey. Whether it’s navigating workplace dynamics, refining your skill set, or overcoming self-doubt, you can provide guidance and support.
  • Availability for Coaching Sessions: Finally, your potential client indicates their availability for coaching sessions, so that you schedule sessions at times convenient for everyone.

Help your clients take the first step toward unlocking their full potential and achieving career success. Get the Career Coaching Inquiry Form Template from WPForms today!