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Buy Me a Coffee Form Template

Take microdonations with Stripe.

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$4 each

Would you like your visitors to be able to buy you a coffee? This form template lets your visitors quickly donate any amount towards the cost of your next coffee.

How Do I Let Visitors Buy Me a Coffee?

You can ask your visitors to buy you a coffee by publishing this form on your site. You’ll need a Stripe account to use it.

Using WPForms to collect donations makes it easy to keep track of who sent you money for a coffee, and you can also control withdrawals yourself by logging into Stripe to collect the money.

WPForms also has payment screens that let you measure how many donations you received over time.

We set this donation form up with a suggested donation of $4, but your visitor can change this if they want to send you a different amount. You can also change the currency that your visitors use by changing the currency in the main WPForms settings area.

It’s also possible to fix the donation by editing the Single Item Field. Just switch it from a user-defined amount to a set number and enter the amount you’d like to receive.

We kept this form short so that your visitors can check out quickly. All they need to do is type in an email address, amount, and payment card details. Stripe can send them a receipt automatically. You can change this in the settings for your form if you’d like to skip email receipts.

After importing this template, you can make adjustments to it easily. Don’t forget to connect your Stripe account before you publish it. It’s easy, and you only need to connect your account once.

Ready to get started? WPForms makes it easy to create any kind of form for your site, including the contact forms and donation forms you need to support your cause.