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Business Release Form Template

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Are you regularly releasing new products, services, features, or updates? If you are, then you need the Business Release Form Template from WPForms.

With this template, you can enhance the efficiency and organization of your release management process.

Using the Business Release Form Template

The purpose of a Business Release Form is to ensure that all necessary checks and balances have been performed before deploying a release into the production environment. It helps confirm that the release has undergone proper testing, meets quality standards, and aligns with the overall business objectives.

And with a form template from WPForms, you can be sure that the pre-made form is ready to go with all of the necessary fields to oversee your release.

First, our Business Release Form obtains detailed information related to the release itself. The form covers these fields and questions, first:

  • Release Title
  • Release Version
  • Release Date
  • Release Description
  • Release Type (dropdown options including Major, Minor, Pach, Hotfix, Security, Other)
  • Release Owner
  • Release Notes

Once the form user finishes these fields, they’re given the opportunity to thoroughly explain the contingencies of the release. Six text boxes provide ample space for users to type out detailed explanations for these fields:

  • Target Audience
  • Impact & Benefits
  • Risks & Mitigation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Rollback Plan
  • Testing Plan

Lastly, the Business Release Form requires the user to provide the review date, the name of the reviewer, and their own signature. And to take the guesswork out of collecting a signature on your form, we’ve included some internal information on the form builder with links and tips to guide you.

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