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Author Reading Event Registration Form Template

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The Author Reading Event Registration Form Template by WPForms is a vital tool for event organizers who want to create a simple registration process for author reading sessions and ensure the efficient collection of participant information.

How Does the Author Reading Event Registration Form Template Work?

To fully utilize the Author Reading Event Registration Form Template, you’ll require the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to capture registrant information and acquire their consent for photo release and event updates. Fields include:

  • Attendee Information:
    • Full Name: Collects the participant’s name to personalize communication and manage event entries.
    • Email Address: Used to send event confirmations, reminders, and additional information relevant to the reading event.
    • Phone Number: Allows for direct contact in case of last-minute changes or specific instructions.
  • Event Details:
    • Event Date & Time: Informs the participant of when the event will take place, aiding in their personal scheduling.
    • Book Title: Identifies which book will be featured at the event, enhancing the participant’s preparation and engagement.
  • Consent and Agreement: 
    • Photo Permission: A consent field where participants can agree or decline to be photographed during the event.
    • Event Updates: Participants can opt-in to receive updates about the event or future events, fostering ongoing engagement.
    • Signature: A digital signature field is required to confirm the accuracy of the provided information and agree to event terms.
  • Payment Information:
    • Registration Fee: This is a summary of the total cost related to registering for the author reading event to give users a clear idea.
    • Payment Information: A secure Stripe Credit Card field is used to collect the payment for registration efficiently.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the Author Reading Event Registration Form Template to make the management of literary events as smooth and efficient as possible and ensure a memorable experience for both authors and attendees.