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Affiliate Program Application Form Template

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For businesses aiming to expand their reach and profitability through partnerships, WPForms introduces the Affiliate Program Application Form Template.

What Makes Our Affiliate Program Application Form Template Stand Out?

If you’re aiming to amplify your brand’s reach by harnessing the power of affiliate marketers, our Affiliate Program Application From Template is a comprehensive solution tailored to make partner selection seamless. Key sections include:

  • Personal & Contact Information: Initiate your form by getting to know the aspiring affiliate on a fundamental level. This section is tailored to capture their name, email, phone number, and mailing address. Such information lays the foundation for future interactions and aids in establishing a professional affiliate relationship.
  • Online Presence & Marketing Platforms: Affiliates bring value through their reach. Understand where they shine brightest online. The form allows applicants to provide their primary website or blog URL, their average monthly web traffic, and social media handles. More importantly, they can also fill in engagement metrics for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Experience & Strategy: This section allows you to understand why the applicant wants to become an affiliate and what previous experience they bring to the table. It features fields where they can describe their past affiliate marketing experiences and outline how they plan to promote your products. These insights give you a better sense of whether the affiliate aligns with your brand values and marketing strategies.
  • Agreement & Signature: The form includes a checkbox for the applicant to agree to your terms and conditions. Our form also incorporates a digital signature field, made possible through the WPForms Pro license and the Signature Addon for added accountability.  This ensures that both parties enter the agreement clearly and understand the responsibilities and expectations.

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