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ActiveCampaign Subscription Form Template

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Do you want to add website visitors to your ActiveCampaign subscriptions list?

Subscriptions to your website hold immense potential for audience engagement, and WPForms offers a seamless solution through our ActiveCampaign Subscription Form Template.

This template simplifies the process of collecting email addresses from website visitors, facilitating effortless integration into your subscriber list.

How to Use the ActiveCampaign Subscription Form Template

Crafting your subscription form is a breeze with the drag-and-drop form builder from WPForms. But first, be sure to get the ActiveCampaign addon to effortlessly integrate your subscription form entries with your ActiveCampaign account.

Then, you can customize fields, tailor the template to your branding, and convert leads all with this easy-to-use form. And, while we encourage you to customize this subscription form to your liking, it’s ready for use right away.

First, the form collects the name and email of your new subscriber. By having your subscriber’s name, you can personalize your engagement with them. Then, their email will be the avenue used for communication and subscription.

Next, your form user selects what they’d like to subscribe to from a drop-down menu. These subscription options include:

  • All Posts
  • Daily Posts
  • Weekly Posts
  • Monthly Posts

Once they click the Subscribe button, it’s done!

Then, email notifications upon user subscriptions will keep you in the loop, aiding prompt updates to your email lists.

The ActiveCampaign Subscription Form Template is your gateway to cultivating a thriving subscriber community. With its user-friendly functions and powerful features, you’re ready to optimize your subscription strategy and create lasting audience relationships.