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Simple Consent Form Template

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Participant's Name
Parent/Guardian Name
How Will My Information Be Used?
The information that you provide about you and your family will be used to [describe the purpose of collecting the information].
I have read the information above and have had an opportunity to ask questions about the [research / activity] and how my information will be used. I understand the purpose of the [research /activity] and what my participation involves. I agree to take part in [describe what involvement the individual will have e.g. an interview] and for the information I provide to be shared with the [area] Partnership agencies and this in turn allows services that I use to share information about me and my family for the purpose of this [research / activity]. I understand that I need to inform the other members of my family that I have given consent which will allow them to opt out if they wish. I understand that anonymized [information / research] about me and my family may be published within the [project report / relevant document], which may be published online and that published material from this [project / report] may be used and distributed for training and service design and development. I know that my participation is voluntary and that I can choose to withdraw from the activity at any point.
Clear Signature

Are you looking for a way to obtain explicit permission or agreement from individuals on your website before engaging in certain activities? If so, then you need the Simple Consent Form Template from WPForms.

If you’re collecting personal information, conducting medical procedures, organizing research studies, or using someone’s likeness in marketing materials, then you probably require the use of a consent form.

Using the Simple Consent Form Template

These forms serve as a legal and ethical safeguard, ensuring that individuals are fully informed and willingly give consent before their participation or personal information is used.

As for the information the Simple Consent Form Template collects, it first asks for the participant’s name, email, and phone number. Or, if it’s appropriate, the form user enters the parent or guardian’s information.

Then, the form template provides plenty of space in 2 large boxes where users can describe the event or activity, along with the risks and benefits that accompany it.

Next, the Simple Consent Form covers the agreements and permissions. Users must click a box in agreement with the form’s terms and conditions, which you will need to edit with your own content. The form user also checks a box offering their consent to the activity, and includes a block of text that is ready for you to customize with your specifics.

Lastly, form users must sign and date the Simple Consent Form in order to submit it.

The Simple Consent Form helps protect privacy, establish clear boundaries, and maintain transparency in various contexts. This form would be invaluable in multiple settings, including healthcare, research, business transactions, and digital interactions.

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