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School/College Assignment Form Template

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Maximize productivity and eliminate assignment chaos with our user-friendly form template for schools and colleges. Use this template to simplify your academic workload now.

What Goes Onto a School/College Assignment Form?

At the very least, a School or College Assignment Form should include a bit of student information, a few details about the assignment, and the student’s grade on the assignment.

As for the School/College Assignment Form Template from WPForms, the student information gathered on the form includes the student’s name, student ID, and email. The student’s course name is required, as well.

Then, the form moves on to the assignment details, gathering the assignment title and the assignment description. The assignment due date and submission date are also provided here.

The form user then selects a grade for the assignment from a drop-down menu, with these options available to choose from:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • No Credit
  • Pass
  • Fail

The School/College Assignment Form Template wraps up with the Instructor Name and Instructor Email fields, followed by the name of the person who completed the form. That way, you can allow multiple people to use this form, including instructors, teaching assistants, and other students.

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