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Quilting Contest Entry Form Template

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As we approach the fall season, enhancing your website with a touch of autumnal cheer is a wonderful way to captivate your audience.

So, you should consider hosting a Quilting Contest! It’s a great way to invite festive interaction, and we offer an ideal form template to kickstart your efforts.

Using the Quilting Contest Entry Form Template

Our form template is fully customizable to suit your contest requirements. However, it includes these essential fields to facilitate your initial setup:

  • Participant’s Information: Gather essential participant details such as their name, contact email, and phone number. This information not only enables seamless communication but also helps you create a sense of connection among contestants.
  • Quilt Details: Capture important quilt information, including the quilt’s title, dimensions, and category or theme. This allows you to categorize and showcase quilts effectively, making it easier for participants and enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the diverse creations.
  • Quilting Techniques: Understand the unique techniques employed by participants. Whether it’s intricate stitching or innovative patterns, this information provides insight into the creative process and can serve as an inspiration for others.
  • Quilt Description: Encourage participants to share the inspiration behind their quilts or the stories they convey. This adds depth and meaning to each entry, making the contest more engaging for both participants and viewers.
  • Special Features and Materials: Highlight any special features or techniques used in the quilt, along with the materials employed. This information not only adds context but also educates the quilting community on various approaches and materials.
  • Quilt Photos: Visual representation is key in a quilting contest. Allow participants to upload up to five photos of their quilts. This feature enhances the overall experience, enabling contestants to showcase their work effectively.
  • Media Consent: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use participant photos and videos for promotional purposes. This step fosters trust and transparency within your quilting community.

So, whether you’re organizing a quilting contest or simply seeking to strengthen your quilting community, this form is a valuable addition. Sign up with WPForms today to create your own Quilting Contest Entry Form and get access to a library of 1800+ WordPress form templates.