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Are you hosting a parade and want to collect participant registrations online? If so, you need the WPForms parade entry form template. It gathers all the information you need to register a group to participate in your parade.

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If there is no physical address or PO Box, please use the Contact Person's address and note that in line 1.

What Goes on a Parade Entry Form?

Planning a parade is a lot of work. To organize lineups, you need to know exactly how many entries you have and what each of them entails.

Some parades have a main stop on the parade route where participants stop to perform or be recognized. If you have something like this, you also need to collect information so that the announcers know what to say.

Our parade entry form template has you covered with all the basics. It asks entrants to provide their organization’s name, contact person, and all necessary contact information. In addition, it collects information about the type of entry they’re submitting.

Why is that important? Among other reasons, planning lineup details for the mayor in a convertible is different than planning space for a marching band or 16-foot parade float.

Knowing the number of people participating in a given entry is also helpful in planning lineups. A 15-member dance group requires less space than an 80-member marching band.

Finally, the form asks entrants to note whether or not they have music so that those entrants can be spaced out in the lineup and won’t have competing audio.

Of course, these are just the basics. If your parade requires themes or you have any other edits you want to make to the form, it’s easy to do with our drag-and-drop form builder. All forms are 100% customizable.

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