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Open Gym Waiver Form Template

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Attendee Details


In Case of Emergency


Safety Agreement
Risk Agreement
Liability Waiver
Clear Signature
or Parent/Guardian

Are you considering opening your doors to an open gym session at your facility? Safety should always be a top priority. To streamline the process and ensure everyone’s safety, we’ve crafted a comprehensive Open Gym Waiver Form Template.

What Goes Into the Open Gym Waiver Form Template?

Our waiver form covers all the necessary bases to protect both your attendees and your facility. Here’s a breakdown of its fields and functions:

  • Attendee Details: The Opem Gym Waiver Form first captures essential information like the attendee’s name, date of birth, gender, contact email, phone number, and address. This way, you can ensure effective communication and identification.
  • In Case of Emergency: Be prepared for any situation by gathering medical information, emergency contact details, physician’s information, and insurance details. With this information, you and others at your open gym facility can move quickly if an emergency ever calls for it.
  • Agreements: Ensure that attendees understand the risks involved and agree to adhere to safety protocols with checkboxes for a Safety Agreement, Risk Agreement, and Liability Waiver. And, while we’ve included the consenting language required of this waiver form, you can easily edit these terms and conditions to your liking.
  • Participant’s Signature: Finally, this waiver form collects user signatures electronically to acknowledge agreement to the terms and conditions laid out in the form. This added layer of security and compliance provides you with the peace of mind that comes with an effective waiver form.

Prioritizing safety and convenience not only protects your attendees but also safeguards the reputation and integrity of your facility. Take the first step towards a safer environment, and get the Open Gym Waiver Form Template today!