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Graphic Design Contest Submission Form Template

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Contestant Information

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Contest Submission

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Agreement to Rules
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Are you hosting a graphic design contest and want to process submissions through your website? If so, then you need the Graphic Design Contest Submission Form Template from WPForms.

This form template comes with everything you need to start planning your contest right away.

Using the Graphic Design Contest Submission Form Template

As always, we encourage you to customize this form to suit your needs. In the meantime, we’ve provided these fields and functionality to get you started:

  • Contestant Information: Contests start by providing their essential contact details. Users enter their name, email, and phone number. These details ensure you can reach them with updates and results.
  • Preferred Communication Method: Form users also select their preferred method of communication from the options provided: email, text message, phone call, or no preference. This way, you communicate with them in the way that’s most convenient.
  • Contest Submission: Users then move on to the heart of the form—their design. Contests must provide a title for their design and describe the concept or inspiration behind it. Then, they upload their design file by clicking or dragging it into the designated upload area.
  • Agreements: To finalize their submission, contestants must agree to the contest rules and terms by checking the appropriate box. Additionally, they confirm the originality of their work by checking the second box.

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