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Graduation Application Form Template

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Graduation Information

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Graduation season is a time of celebration, achievement, and transition. And if you’re an educational organization preparing for the celebration, streamlining the graduation application process can help you get ready for the day.

How Does the Graduation Application Form Template Work?

Here’s a breakdown of the sections, fields, and functions that come with this form template:

  • Student Information: The Graduation Application Form begins by capturing essential details from the student, including their full name, student ID number, and contact details. These particulars are the foundation for communication and verification throughout the graduation journey.
  • Graduation Information: Next, the form gathers crucial graduation specifics, such as degree program, major, and optional minor. Additionally, students input their GPA, expected graduation date, academic advisor’s name, and lists of completed courses and courses in progress. These details offer a comprehensive overview of the student’s academic journey, so advisors and administrators can assess eligibility and progress towards graduation requirements.
  • Authorization: To finalize the application process, the form includes an authorization section where students confirm their intent to graduate on the provided date through a checkbox. Additionally, they provide their digital signature and the date, endorsing the submission.

Our Graduation Application Form Template is a valuable addition to any academic institution’s website. It enhances transparency and accountability, empowering students to actively engage in their graduation journey while providing seamless communication between students, advisors, and administrative staff.

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