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Field Show Entry Form Template

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Registration Information

Field Show Details

e.g. Sullie High School Marching Band
e.g. Marching Band, Color Guard, Drum Corps
e.g. Musicians, Color Guard Members, Drum Majors
List of pieces to be performed
If applicable
e.g., Electrical Outlets, Staging
e.g. Microphones, Speakers
If applicable

Transportation Details

e.g. School Bus, Charter Bus, Van
Arrival Date and Time
Departure Date and Time

Are you planning to host a field show or marching band competition? If so, then you need the Field Show Entry Form Template from WPForms.

Incorporating this form is a smart organizational move and it can simplify your event management.

Why Should I Use the Field Show Entry Form Template?

By using this entry form on your website, you’re guaranteed these planning elements:

  • Efficient Information Gathering: The form template covers all the essential details you need to collect from participants. From the school or organization’s name to transportation details, it streamlines the registration process and ensures you have everything at your fingertips.
  • Customization: The template is versatile, allowing you to adapt it to various types of events, whether it’s a marching band competition, a color guard showcase, or a drum corps performance. The “Group Type” field lets participants specify their category, ensuring you have tailored information.
  • Seamless Planning: With comprehensive sections for musical selections, equipment and props, special requirements, and weather contingency plans, you can plan for every possible scenario. This means fewer last-minute surprises and smoother event execution.
  • Enhanced Communication: Contact information is a crucial aspect of any event. By incorporating this form, you not only gather participant details but also create a direct line of communication. The “Contact Email” and “Contact Phone” fields facilitate easy correspondence, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Transportation Made Easy: Coordinating transportation logistics is often a challenge. The “Transportation Details” section streamlines this process by capturing method, arrival, and departure details. This information is invaluable for event organizers and participants alike.

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