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Drawing Registration Form Template

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If you’re hosting an art contest and want to simplify your website’s registration process, look no further than our Drawing Registration Form Template.

This user-friendly form will help you gather all the necessary information from participants quickly and efficiently.

Using the Drawing Registration Form Template on Your Website

Since this is a WPForms template, it’s easier than ever to customize with our drag-and-drop form builder. Simply drag the desired field onto your form, drop it where you want it, and click on it to edit.

That said, you can use this form on your website right away if you’d like.  Our Drawing Registration Form Template comes pre-made with all of the necessary fields to get you going.

Starting with the Participant Details, here are the fields and functions you’ll find:

  • Participant’s Name: This field allows participants to enter their full name, ensuring you can properly identify them for recognition, awarding prizes, and more.
  • Participant’s Email: Collect participants’ email addresses for easy communication and notifications.
  • Participant’s Phone: This field gathers contact numbers for any urgent updates or clarifications.
  • Participant’s Address: The address option is useful for shipping prizes or certificates to winners.
  • Participant’s Date of Birth: Use this field to verify participants’ eligibility or categorize entries by age.

Then, the Drawing Registration Form Template covers the Drawing Registration portion with these fields:

  • Artwork Title: Participants can provide a title for their artwork, adding a personal touch to their submission. Knowing the title is also helpful for any recognition or awards you may plan around this registration.
  • Artwork Description: This field provides plenty of space for participants to describe their piece, providing insights and context for you, the audience, and the judges.
  • Artwork Image Upload: This might be the most crucial part of the form—a field where participants can upload their artwork. Consider specifying image format and size requirements to ensure smooth submissions.
  • Participant’s Signature: By including a digital signature, you can confirm that the submission is authentic.

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