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Class Reunion Registration Form Template

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Class reunions are moments of nostalgia, laughter, and reconnection with old friends. To ensure your upcoming class reunion is a resounding success, it’s essential to streamline the registration process for attendees.

So, if you’re planning a class reunion for your alma mater, you need the Class Reunion Registration Form Template from WPForms.

Using the Class Reunion Registration Form Template

While every form template from WPForms is 100% customizable, our Class Reunion Registration Form Template is ready for you to use right away. On this form template, you’ll find these key fields and features:

  • Contact Information: This form captures vital contact details, such as names, maiden names (if applicable), email addresses, and phone numbers. This information is crucial for sending event updates, directions, and last-minute changes.
  • RSVP Details: Knowing who is attending plus their preferences is vital for proper event planning. The form allows classmates to specify their attendance status, t-shirt size, and whether they’re bringing a plus one. Dietary restrictions, special accommodations, and even favorite songs and movies from the graduation year can also be gathered to make everyone feel comfortable and included.
  • Memory Sharing: A unique feature of this form is the option for attendees to share class memories or photos. This adds a sentimental touch to the event and encourages participants to relive cherished moments from their school years.
  • Registration Fee: To cover event costs, the form includes a one-time registration fee of $50. This can be collected securely through a credit card or PayPal payment, ensuring a hassle-free financial transaction process.

How to Create an Online Class Reunion Registration Form

Creating an online class reunion registration form is easy with WPForms. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Select the Class Reunion Registration Form template
  2. Customize your form with your event details
  3. Configure your form’s settings
  4. Add your form to your WordPress site

The Class Reunion Registration Form template includes everything you need to let your peers sign up to attend your reunion. However, if you’d like to edit the field labels or other details to match your school’s event, you can easily do so in the drag-and-drop form builder.

Edit fields by clicking on them in the preview area and customizing their settings in the Field Options panel. If you need to add more fields to collect additional information, just drag them from the list on the left and drop them into the form preview.

After you’ve customized your form, head over to the Settings tab. Here you can add form email notifications to let the event organizer know when a new registration is submitted. You can also send a copy of the submitted form to the attendee for their reference.

Another helpful feature to include is a confirmation message. This text will display when your form is submitted so attendees know you’ve received their information. You can also include and additional steps they need to take or link them to your event’s Facebook page.

Last but not least, don’t forget to publish your form on your WordPress site. The WPForms block lets you quickly add your form to any post, page, or widget area just by selecting it from a dropdown menu.

Make your class reunion an unforgettable experience by incorporating this user-friendly form on your website. It’s a small step that can significantly enhance the overall event and help you create lasting memories with your fellow alumni.

Sign up with WPForms to get the Class Reunion Registration Form Template now and look forward to an amazing class reunion!