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Basketball League Registration Form Template

Simplify basketball registrations on your website with our customizable form template.

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Basketball player's name
Are you over 18?
Check all positions previously played
Permission & agreement
In case of illness or accident, I authorize emergency treatment by qualified medical personnel and permit the person in charge to take my child to seek necessary medical care. I consent to the facility securing all required emergency medical care for my child.
I agree to pay the following charge:

Are you planning to organize a basketball league? Check out the Basketball League Registration Form Template to help you seamlessly get registrations for your event.

With this customizable template, your applicants will be able to fill in all the necessary details and directly pay the registration fee in one go.

Key Features of the Basketball League Registration Form Template

Using this customizable form template, you can tweak it in any way possible to make the process even more seamless. This way you can improve data collection while saving time and resources.

The Basketball League Registration Form Template comes with the following pre-designed fields:

  • Basketball player’s name: Enter the player’s full name.
  • Player’s date of birth: Provide the player’s date of birth.
  • Are you over 18?: A conditional field for parent/guardian detail fields appears upon selecting the No option.
  • Address: Fill in the player’s current address.
  • Number of leagues played: Indicate the total leagues the player has participated in.
  • Check all positions previously played: Specify the positions the player has experience in.
  • Permissions and agreements consent checkbox: Confirm agreement to terms.
  • Registration charge checkbox: Acknowledge the registration charge.
  • Stripe payment option: Enable secure payment via Stripe for seamless registration.

This basketball registration form covers all the necessary details but if you may want to add or request more details such as player t-shirt size, medical conditions, or gender, you can do so easily with the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

Start using WPForms today to create and customize your own Basketball League Registration Form along with thousands of customizable and well-designed form templates.