Are you coordinating a little league baseball team or putting together an office softball team to foster and boost in-office morale? If so, then you need WPForms’ baseball league registration form to help you quickly and efficiently build your roster.

You can use WPForms’ baseball league registration form template to easily create a registration form for those interested in signing up to play. With the baseball league registration form, you can collect needed information to fill a team and get practice started so you can have a winning season.

We have created a baseball league registration form demo below that you can use to easily get started without any technical knowledge.

What's in the Baseball League Registration Form Demo

Launch this form as-is or customize it to your heart's content!

Baseball League Registration Form Demo

With our simple Baseball League Registration Form Template you get the following form fields:

  • Name
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice
  • Email
  • Address

Of course, this is just a baseball league registration form sample to get you started.

You can use our easy to use drag & drop form builder to add, remove, and customize the fields as needed.

One of the best form fields you can add to your baseball league registration form template is the file upload form field. This is especially helpful for those coordinating a little league team, since age is something that often has to be proven before a player is officially added to the team. So, let your little leaguer parents upload proof of age and get their kids signed up to play with no problems.

You can also add a newsletter checkbox to your baseball league registration form to keep parents up to date on things such as game schedules, field assignments, weather warnings, and even local, professional baseball games that might be going on that people will want to attend.

And if you require people to pay to play, whether they are signing their child up for little league, their teenager for their high school’s team, or themselves for the office softball team, our PayPal and Stripe integrations make collecting payments on your registration form easy.

Lastly, you can always add a single line text form field for those that want to request a team or coach, or ask people for their uniform sizes with a dropdown menu form field. And if you need parents to get involved as volunteer coaches, ask them to fill out the Date / Time they’re available to make sure they’re a good fit for your league.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to create your own baseball league registration form. Bonus, we’ll give you our baseball league registration form template and over 100+ other pre-made form templates!

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