EXPOSED: Why You MUST Avoid WP Mail SMTP Pro Nulled

Wondering if it’s OK to install a WP Mail SMTP Pro free download and use a WP Mail SMTP license key nulled. In case you’re curious, yes, these unofficial copies of paid WordPress products sometimes do float around the web.

So in this post, we’ll show you why you must avoid WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled, and what using them could mean for your business.

Here’s a summary if you want to jump ahead:

What’s a Nulled Plugin?

Nulled plugins are pirated copies of premium WordPress tools that are distributed unethically over the internet, that can often lead to issues with your website and more.

And you may have heard some people arguing that this practice is OK.

This bold claim comes for those who copy and redistribute nulled plugins and say WordPress and any derivative works (like plugins and themes) are licensed under a General Public License (GPL). But while it’s true that WordPress plugins fall under the GPL, using these unofficial duplicated copies of software usually comes at a cost.

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wp mail smtp license key free issues

Sadly, the truth about nulled plugins is that they cause honest WordPress small businesses and entrepreneurs to lose money. But most importantly, it causes tons of security issues for the websites using these nulled WordPress plugins. Nulled plugins are a huge reason why and how sites get hacked.

Why to Avoid WP Mail SMTP Pro Nulled

As a business owner, you definitely want to try and keep costs low and reduce SaaS bills. But it’s very important that don’t try to cut costs by using a WP Mail SMTP key nulled on your WordPress site.

Here are some of the top reasons why you must avoid WP Mail SMTP Pro crack (another term for a nulled plugin):

1. Dangerous Security Issues

WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled versions are very risky. They can have a negative impact on your WordPress security. That’s because many plugin cracks are known to carry malware.

Malware on your site can:

  • Hide and be very hard to find and remove
  • Infect visitors
  • Be detected by Google and cause your search rankings to drop

Malware is dangerous code that can hide itself in your site and spread throughout different files. And it can be really difficult to find that vicious code, fix it, and get rid of it forever.

Google or other search engines detect this malware distribution on your site, your business’s website could get taken out of results…and your traffic could plummet.

And worst of all, you could lose all your site data and hard work during a hack if you aren’t using a WordPress security plugin.

2. Devastating for SEO

You could completely ruin your search engine rankings if you find a WP Mail SMTP Pro license key free and download a pirated plugin.

That’s because nulled WP Mail SMTP Pro plugins can add spam links to your site, and Google might notice before you do. Plus, these viscous plugins could steal your visitors and redirect them to even more dangerous websites.

And all of these malicious events are really hard to spot with a naked eye. One of the reasons is because the links will hide deep within the code on the backend of your site.

So you might not even be able to find which links are bad and are redirecting people because they won’t redirect you if you’re a site admin — hackers can be very smart and eager to steal your data.

seo impact wp mail smtp plugin download

Now get this — Search engines are programmed to spot all this spammy redirection fast. Then, they’ll automatically penalize you, dropping your website in search engine rankings or even de-indexing your site completely.

You’ll have to spend tons of time and possibly spend money to recover your website’s SEO rank. In some serious cases, you could be forced to start over and create a new website from scratch.

3. Invaded Privacy

If you see a website that claims to give away free downloads for WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled software, you need to be very careful. It can contain many different kinds of harmful hidden code. This includes code that steals info from your site and gives it to hackers and criminals on the dark web.

This very scary and realistic scenario could expose things like your:

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Passwords
  • And More…

What’s extra spooky? If you have a membership website or sell things on an eCommerce shop, then the personal information of your customers could also be at risk!

And we’ve all seen it before — A customer data breach can severely damage a brand’s identity. What’s really bad is that these kinds of hacks are super hard to detect and can go unnoticed for a long time. Your site will appear to be working fine as more and more data is collected.

It’s worth paying for WPForms to avoid the problems this would cause to your business’ reputation.

4. Loss of Support

Even the most experienced WordPress users need good support and documentation to get the most out of a solid plugin.

WP Mail SMTP is part of the WPForms family. We’re a friendly and hard-working group that includes software developers, content producers, and support team members.

wp mail smtp team

We love WP Mail SMTP and spend a ton of time providing support and creating documentation for our users.

And our fast and friendly online support loves helping people get everything they want out of our plugin and more. We even offer a White Glove Service where a support member sets everything in WP Mail SMTP up for you!

But if you’re using a free WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin that’s nulled, you’ll miss out on all of that.

Check out some of the awesome reviews of our support:

  • “Excellent support. Everything is now working and integrated with our 365 office environment.”
  • “Thank you so much Slava for your great support and your great plugin!”
  • “You ROCK. Thanks for being here to help us 🙂”
  • “Not only the plugin works wonderfully, the support is incredibly fast and helpful. Had an issue that wasn’t even directly caused by the plugin, support promptly helped me and within a few hours everything started working again.”
  • “First class customer care.”

You can read more 5-star WP Mail SMTP reviews here.

5. Access to New Features

Premium WordPress plugins are updated regularly to add new features. If you’re using a pirated WPForms Pro nulled version, you won’t get automatic updates. In fact, you won’t even know new features are available.

And your WPForms Pro nulled software will get outdated fast. Then, you won’t know about any awesome new features and you’ll be stuck with an outdated and incompatible plugin.

no updates mean issues with wordpress

And, we’re always getting better. These new features can significantly improve your site and your lead generation efforts.

6. Zero Updates

Something great about having a paid plugin is that you get access to regular updates. This includes new features like we talked about above, as well as bug fixes. When a security issue is spotted, it gets fixed quickly in the next update.

So if you’re the owner of a WP Mail SMTP cracked version, you won’t get any updates. You’ll be left with an outdated version that could be full of bugs and unsafe.

The WordPress platform itself regularly releases new versions. That means plugins constantly need to keep up and release updates to stay compatible with WordPress. So since WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled won’t be updated, your site may start misbehaving or crash without these important updates.

7. Unethical Use Impacts Innovation

When it comes to why people download nulled plugins, there are a couple of big reasons. Some people think using just 1 copy won’t hurt anyone. And they justify the thought by telling themselves they can’t afford to pay for it.

But this is a huge misconception. That’s because that 1 copy is actually stolen code that’s the result of someone’s talent, skill, and hard work. When someone uses a nulled plugin, people who make their living creating useful software for the world, lose money.

The people and teams who develop plugins do more than just spend their time writing code. They also provide support, create documentation, maintain a website, hire support staff, and spend money to run their business. That’s why using nulled software can hurt their business, even if it’s just a single copy.

hurting innovation

In fact, supporting these unethical practices online may discourage other people from wanting to create new innovative products that can benefit millions of users. It’s way easier to copy a plugin than to make one. So, when you pay for a plugin, you help encourage people who know how to code to keep coming up with amazing stuff!

So, now you know the big reasons why you must avoid WP SMTP Pro nulled versions, let’s take a look at how to get WP Mail SMTP for free next.

How to Get WP Mail SMTP for Free

We’re a team of real people who want to help as many small businesses and websites get reliable email deliverability with the best SMTP and PHP mailer plugin around. And we really don’t want you to put your website at risk just to use WP Mail SMTP Pro for free. But we know sometimes business costs can add up.

So that’s why we made a 100% free version of WP Mail SMTP.

That way, you can start getting reliable email delivery from WordPress completely for free! And you won’t have to mess with any code.

If a paid version of WP Mail SMTP isn’t in your budget right now, we’d like to invite you to use WP Mail SMTP for free instead of using a free WP Mail SMTP Pro WordPress plugin that’s nulled.

wp mail smtp homepage

Looking for a WP Mail SMTP trial so you can just test WP Mail SMTP Pro?

Our suggestion is to go ahead and buy the software. You’ll get access to things like:

Plus, your purchase is protected by a 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t like WP Mail SMTP in the first 14 days or you change your mind for any reason, you can get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

So you might as well pay to get started, get the priority support, and just use the Money Back Guarantee if you don’t think it’s worth the cost. And we’re pretty confident you’ll love it, especially when you realize you’ve solved your email deliverability issues once and for all.

Buy WP Mail SMTP Pro today

In Conclusion

And there you have it! Hopefully, this post helped you realize why you must avoid WP Mail SMTP nulled on your site. And If you like free stuff, be sure to read our post on the best free WordPress themes for your website.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the 100% Money Back Guarantee and get started with the world’s most popular SMTP and PHP mailer plugin today.

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