optimizing the top customer touchpoints during an online sale

Optimizing the Top Customer Touchpoints During an Online Sale

Are you wondering the key to optimizing the top customer touchpoints during an online sale? Knowing how to make the purchasing process better for potential customers will get you more sales in no time.

In this article, we’ll map out the essential customer touchpoints during an online sale and show you how to optimize them to encourage more sales.

What Are the Customer Touchpoints During an Online Sale?

There are 3 main customer touchpoints that happen for potential customers before they decide to buy from you. They include word of mouth, social media, and email.

That said, once the customer journey starts, potential customers in the midst of making a purchase will experience several more important customer touchpoints including:

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  • Product pages
  • Customer service contact
  • Shopping cart or checkout pages

Now, let’s take a look at ways for optimizing the top customer touchpoints during an online sale so more people get to the end of the checkout process and finalize their transactions.

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1. Product Pages

Product pages are where all the sales happen, unless you make it easy for people to purchase from you using an online order form with WPForms.

That said, optimizing the user experience on your site’s product pages will boost sales in no time:

Focus on Site Speed and Performance
Make sure your website loads quickly, since 40% of people will abandon your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds or less.

Consider enabling lazy load so only content that customers access loads, use a CDN to deliver content to global customers fast, and make sure all your links and buttons work at all times.

If you sell physical or digital products using a WordPress form, you can follow this tutorial on how to test your forms before launching to make sure they work right.

Work on Product Images
Use high-quality images showing all angles of your product, like Manitobah Mukluks does, since people cannot physically touch what you have to offer.

product page example

In addition, add alt attributes to improve your site’s SEO, choose the right file type for each image, and even consider adding video content so people can get a more realistic idea of what they’re buying.

And don’t forget to add color and size variations, clear pricing, and an easy to use Add to Cart button so people can buy immediately when they decide your product is worth their money.

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Add Social Proof
91% of people read online reviews as they are making a purchase, and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

Final Testimonial

Luckily, WPForms makes it easy for you to create testimonials from form submissions, collect star ratings from previous customers, and even let happy customers leave actual reviews right on your website. This added social proof will help turn an undecided site visitor into a paying customer.

The product page customer touchpoint is one of the most important in the customer journey.

When a person interacts with your brand and wants to make a purchase, showing them what you have to offer in its best light is the only way to go.

2. Customer Service Contact

No matter what part of the customer journey your customers are at, being able to get in touch with you, like customers can at Lionways, is crucial to the success of your business.

contact page example

That said, there is no time more important than in the middle of the purchase process that people should be able to reach out to you. After all, if a potential customer has a question or concern and can’t get in touch with you, there’s a good chance they’ll abandon your site and go elsewhere to buy.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure people can get in contact with your while making an online purchase:

No matter how you want potential customers getting in touch with you when they need help, the important thing to remember is to make it visible so people don’t leave before getting to the checkout process.

3. Checkout Page

The last customer touchpoint we’ll talk about today that occurs during a sale is the checkout page.

Just because someone gets to your site’s shopping cart, checkout page, or the end of your order form, doesn’t mean they’ll finish the transaction.

In fact, in 2017 it was estimated that the average cart abandonment rate for eCommerce sites was nearly 79%.

The truth is, there are many reasons why people abandon their shopping carts before finalizing their purchases. Take a look at this infographic from the Baymard Institute and see for yourself:

cart abandonment reason

By optimizing this point of contact with your customers by keeping it simple and fast, like Threadless does, you can save thousands of dollars in annual sales.

checkout page example

Here are some easy ways to optimize the checkout process for users so they’ll be less likely to abandon their shopping cart:

  • Provide a Guest Checkout option for those that don’t want to create an account to pay
  • Enable wishlist functionality so if people do leave, they can come back and start where they left off
  • Include trust badges to show people their sensitive data is secure
  • Make the checkout process as simple as possible, using a progress bar if possible so people always know where they’re at in the process
  • Calculate shipping and total costs at the start so there are no surprises

Adding to that, here are some neat ways to reduce order form abandonment so you can increase sales:

Battling cart abandonment, whether on your website or your site’s forms, can be challenging.

But customers react well to the above-mentioned strategies, and will appreciate that their point of contact with your brand in this part of the customer journey is as seamless as possible.

And then you can continue to customer journey after an online sale.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! You now know the best ways for optimizing the top customer touchpoints during an online sale.

If you’re interested in learning new ways to promote your business in hopes of boosting site traffic, conversions, and sales, be sure to check out this helpful guide to marketing your small business with the help of WPForms.

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