Formidable Forms not sending email

How to Fix Formidable Forms Not Sending Email (Checklist)

Is Formidable Forms not sending email from your site? If you aren’t getting emails from your forms, you won’t be able to respond to messages from your visitors.

In this article, we’ll step through a checklist that you can use to fix problems with Formidable Forms emails.

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How Do I Fix WordPress Not Sending Email?

Problems with emails in WordPress are very common.

By default, it uses the mail() function in PHP.

This is convenient, but it can also be unreliable because:

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  • Your email might be blocked by a server firewall
  • Your hosting company may not have set up PHP Mail correctly
  • The recipient server might not be able to verify the sender, so emails from your site might be labeled as Junk or Spam
  • If your server is busy, the emails may not be sent at all.

The easiest way to fix WordPress not sending email is to install the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It lets you easily send WordPress emails through a Mailer service to improve deliverability.

We’ll show you how to use it in Step 4 below. But first, let’s look at the settings on your form to make sure Formidable Forms is correctly set up.

How to Fix Formidable Forms Not Sending Email

In the steps below, we’ll run through your Formidable Forms email settings to make sure everything is currently set up.

We’ll also install WP Mail SMTP so that you don’t experience any more problems with Formidable Forms emails.

Here’s the list of items in our checklist:

  1. Test Your Form
  2. Check Formidable Forms Entries are Saved in WordPress
  3. Check Formidable Forms Notifications
  4. Set Up WP Mail SMTP for Formidable Forms

First, let’s make sure your form is working.

1. Test Your Form

To start, let’s take a look at the form you created in Formidable Forms.

Here’s what ours looks like when we fill it out.

Formidable Forms contact form that is not sending emails

When you submit your form, you should see a confirmation message. Depending on your form settings, you might be redirected to another page instead.

Formidable Forms success message

Go ahead and send a test entry now to check that the form is working.

If your form doesn’t send, you might have an issue with WordPress or the server it’s running on.

But you see the success message or redirect, it’s likely that your form works fine.

So if you’ve ruled out server issues, let’s check that the entries are being saved next.

2. Check Formidable Forms Entries are Saved in WordPress

It’s helpful to save contact form entries in the WordPress database. Let’s check that it’s working in Formidable Forms.

You can check this in 2 ways.

Head to the WordPress dashboard and click Formidable » Entries. This shows you a list of all entries for all of the forms on your website.

We can see that this entry is the Contact Us form we submitted in Step 1.

Check form entries if Formidable forms is not sending email

You can also click Formidable » Forms and click the name of the form you’re having problems with. Then click Entries at the top.

Check individual form entries if Formidable forms is not sending email.

If you’ve checked one of these screens and you see the notifications, that means the plugin is saving entries properly.

Let’s move on and check that the form notification emails are properly set up.

3. Check Formidable Forms Notifications

Now we’ll edit the form to check the email settings.

If you have multiple forms, you’ll need to check each one separately.

Go ahead and click Settings at the top of the form, and then Actions and Notifications on the left.

Check that you have at least one Email Notification turned On.

Check emails are turned on if Formidable Forms is not sending email

Then click the small arrow next to the On switch to expand the settings. In the Trigger this action when dropdown, make sure Entry is created is checked.

Check the form trigger if Formidable Forms not sending emails

In the To field, the [admin_email] placeholder is used to send email to the administrator email you’ve set up in WordPress. If you want, you can change this here.

All you have to do is delete [admin_email] and type in the email address you prefer to use:

Check the To field if Formidable forms is not sending emails

You can do the same thing in the From field too. Be sure to leave the < > brackets in place so that the entry has the format [sitename] <>

Now save your form and send another test entry. If you still don’t receive the email, move on to the final section.

4. Set Up WP Mail SMTP for Formidable Forms

Are you still having issues with Formidable Forms not sending email after checking your settings?

WP Mail SMTP is the best way to fix this for good.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin changes the way that WordPress sends email from your web server. Instead of using the unreliable PHP mail() function, it sends all emails from your site through a Mailer service or an SMTP server.

So let’s go ahead and set up WP Mail SMTP on your site now.

Install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin

In the WordPress dashboard, click Formidable » SMTP to get started.

Under Install and Activate WP Mail SMTP, click the blue button.

Install WP Mail SMTP to fix Formidable Forms not sending email

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, click Start Setup.

Start WP Mail SMTP setup

OK, now we’re ready to set up the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Edit WP Mail SMTP Settings

There are a few options you’ll want to configure to get WP Mail SMTP working.

Here’s what you need to do.

In the From Email field, type in the email address that you want your emails to come from. If you want all plugins across your entire site to use the same From Email, click the Force From Email checkbox.

Keep in mind that this setting will override the From email address in your Formidable Forms settings.

Set up From email address in WP Mail SMTP

In From Name, type in the name of your site, or your own name if you prefer to use that. If you want, you can click Force From Name so that all plugins on your site use the same From Name.

Set From Name in WP Mail SMTP

And finally, check the Return Path checkbox to have any undelivered emails sent to the From Email we already set up. That way, if an email bounces, you’ll receive a notification and it won’t just disappear.

Set Return Path for WordPress email notifications

OK, we have the basic settings the way we want them.

Now let’s choose a service to send our emails.

Choose Your New Mailer

Further down on the same page, you’ll notice all of the mailers you can use with WP Mail SMTP.

If you don’t have the time to up a Mailer, or you feel that the steps are a little too complicated, you can pay for the WP Mail SMTP Elite to get a white-glove setup for your site. That way, you can have an expert take care of the whole process.

If you want to set up your Mailer yourself, you’ll notice that and Sendinblue have an orange Recommended banner:

Mailers to fix Formidable Forms not sending email

These 2 providers are the ones we suggest you use. But you can go ahead and choose a different one if you prefer that.

Each provider has a slightly different set-up procedure. You can click the links below to jump directly to the instructions:

Once your new mailer service is set up, go ahead and send a test email through Formidable Forms again. You should find everything works great.

The good news is that WP Mail SMTP is now handing all the emails from your site. So if you’re having issues with emails from plugins like WooCommerce, you’ll find that they’re working reliably now too.

Turn on Email Logging (Optional)

Now you have WP Mail SMTP set up with your chosen Mailer, you should find that the issues with Formidable Forms not sending email are fixed.

If you want, you can turn on email logging in WP Mail SMTP to be sure.

Check Enable Log here to keep a record of all sent emails.

If you check the checkbox under Log email content, WP Mail SMTP will record the content of every email sent too.

Log emails when Formidable Forms is not sending notifications

Keeping a log of the content of your emails can be helpful. Keep in mind any privacy concerns. Once you’re sure that your email is working, you might want to come back and disable that feature.

And that’s it! We fixed your problems with Formidable Forms not sending emails. Now, emails from your WordPress website will be delivered reliably so you can get back to your visitors faster.

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Next Step: Compare Formidable Forms vs WPForms

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  1. really need help with my wp form. it used to send me messages directly to my mail box, recently it has stopped sending me messages. please how do i fix this problem?

    1. Hey Soremary – Sorry for the trouble you are facing. Could you please ensure your form notification settings are set up correctly as explained in this tutorial? If all settings are correct and you are still not getting emails, then it might be some email delivery issue with your server. In that case, I would suggest using WP Mail SMTP plugin to get the emails. Here is a detailed guide on how to fix email delivery issues.

      I hope this helps!

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